Teeth whitening is probably the most popular cosmetic dental procedure today. Using a hydrogen peroxide based gel, tooth whitening can be very effective in lightening stained or yellow teeth, or teeth that have turned grey as the result of taking Tetracycline during childhood. People who have stains from years of smoking, coffee or red wine can also get very good results with teeth whitening. There are two commonly used techniques for professional tooth whitening: in-office whitening or take-home whitening.

Whether you choose the in-office whitening or the take-home whitening, Dr Yannoulias and his team at DENTAL ART are approved ZOOM! Whitening professionals and have carried out both these effective whitening techniques for many years with great success.

  • The benefits of ZOOM! Whitening are:

    • A whiter smile looks healthier
    • Whiter teeth can increase your confidence
    • Increased confidence can improve your interpersonal skills, and
    • A whiter smile can make you look and feel younger