Dental veneers are wafer thin shells / laminates of porcelain that fit over the front surfaces of your teeth. Many people compare veneers to false fingernails for teeth. The beauty of veneers is that they can be fabricated to any size and shape, with surface characteristics that make them look natural and fit in with the surrounding teeth. With dental veneers we can create a bespoke smile. Here at DENTAL ART we work very closely with you to understand exactly what your aesthetic objectives are, and, in collaboration with our dental laboratories and ceramists, fabricate the veneers to best meet your demands.

  • Dental veneers can be used to correct several problems including:

    • Covering discoloured teeth
    • Repairing badly worn, chipped or fractured teeth
    • Making slightly crooked teeth look straighter
    • Closing gaps (diastemas) between your teeth
    • Transforming your smile with a smile makeover